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Job Listing: Winning at Wardville 50:50 Sharemilking

This highly sought after 50:50 position has become available in the popular Wardville area for the 2023-24 season and beyond. Handy to Matamata and Morrinsville and the local outdoor recreational attractions.

This 58ha farm on sandy loam soils has milked 220 Jersey cows but currently milking 210 crossbred cows has achieved 82,000MS but typically does 75,000MS. The system relies on maximising pasture production and as such uses up to 190 kg of nitrogen and will typically use 120T of PKE fed via trailers. Calving date is early July. Milking through a very nice 20 aside HB shed built in 2010.

A good level of support buildings are in place. Summer cropping has been done as part of a summer feed strategy and regrassing program. Supportive and enthusiastic farm owner. Regular use of a farm consultant in a supporting and advisory role. A very tidy three bedroom home with garage completes the package.

Position start date: 01/06/2023

*RECO is not directly recruiting for this role - all enquires will be passed onto the farm advisor and owner*

Please email your covering letter and CV to info@itsreco.co.nz

*Photo above is not the farm in subject and is for marketing purposes only*