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30 Lease Cows Wanted ASAP

Opportunity to Reduce Demand during the Low Payout

A client based in the Waipa is looking for approximately 30 Friesian/ Friesian Cross cows to join their 400 cow herd for the remainder of the year. Additional land has been brought into the dairy platform and so we require additional mouths to match the pasture growth. The farm is currently running a System 3 with in-shed feed, home grown chicory and maize.

Price per head will be dependent on both parties situation. 

Preference to return on 1st May 2024. 

We can vouch for strong animal health management of the line of stock and can also provide basic reports on the cows throughout the season at our advisory visits. 

Any questions, please get in touch with Regan on 029 778 1989 or email, regan@itsreco.co.nz